what is Backup BootcamP?


Backup Bootcamp is an online course that will help you make sense of your digital photo mess.


Watch the easy-to-follow video tutorials (for both Mac and PC) to learn a simple method for organizing and backing up your photos (with time-saving tricks).


The course is self-paced and access does not expire.


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about the instructor...

Hi, I'm Casey!

(aka Miss Freddy)

When I was born, I had an unfortunate resemblance to Fred Flintstone and the nickname stuck.


I am a certified Professional Photo Organizer and I've learned that WE ALL have an overwhelming number of photos and are desperate for simple system to keep them safe and organized. I created this course because I want EVERYONE to sleep better at night.


Over the years I've organized photo collections of ALL sizes, for clients all around the world, and I've learned tricks to get your project finished as efficiently as possible. You can absolutely do this!

Common Questions...



Is this course only for Mac users?

Nope! Tutorials are included for both Mac and PC!


Which cloud service is used in the tutorials?

The course includes tutorials for iCloud, Amazon, Dropbox, and One Drive... it's like a choose-your-own-adventure! Only watch the tutorials specific to your situation.


Is there additional software required to complete Backup Bootcamp?

Yes, there are two programs recommended in the course that will save you tremendous amounts of time. In total they cost about $25.


What if I get confused or encounter technical trouble?

The course website has a Direct Chat feature where Miss Freddy answers questions daily (Monday-Friday). If you ask a question outside normal work hours, you'll receive a reply via email.


What if I just want someone to do this FOR me?

Book a Digital Organizing Session with Miss Freddy!


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when your photos are organized and backed up!